Manor Mix Concrete

Volumetric Concrete

Traditional concrete suppliers calculate a specific amount of concrete needed by a customer, pre-mix it and then deliver it to site. This isn’t a sustainable or cost-effective method and often leads to undersupply or a surplus of wasted concrete to dispose of, clean up and pay for! Manor Mix can help you to save time and money.

At Manor Mix, we exclusively use volumetric concrete mixers that eliminate waste by mixing the exact volume of concrete required, right there on your job site. Once the right amount of concrete has been poured, the unused materials are carried to the next job and remain usable indefinitely. This also allows us to cope with delays and serve remote areas without the risk of the concrete mix going off before our arrival.

We supply to customers throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, including the towns of Henley-on-Thames, Oxford and Reading. For volumetric concrete deliveries offered with same day or next day service, from experts with years of concrete pouring experience, contact Manor Mix Concrete today. Our team are happy to advise you in any aspect of our products and services.

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