Manor Mix Concrete

Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid screed plays a crucial role in a wide variety of construction projects. That’s why at Manor Mix Concrete, we provide the highest quality liquid screed for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, including the towns of Henley-on-Thames, Oxford and Reading.

Liquid screed creates a level surface over uneven floor structures that allows the final floor covering to be installed with precision. We often pair liquid flow screed with underfloor heating as it has a greater thermal conductivity than sand and cement screed and it flows around the pipes for a void-free finish. This is a product that is easy to pump into place, levels itself, has a quick drying time and demonstrates very low shrinkage.

With our experience and industry knowledge, we use all the latest products and techniques to provide our customers with the best screed mixes. It’s this constant aim to improve our services that means we now offer liquid screed for your projects.

The following are just some of the major benefits of our anhydrite liquid screed:

  • Very high fluidity for fast installation
  • Minimum SR2 surface finish
  • Greatly reduced cracking and no curling
  • No reinforcement needed
  • Thinner application greatly reduces drying time
  • No need for curing membrane
  • Can receive foot traffic from 24 to 48 hours
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fewer expansion joints than cementitious screed

For more information about liquid screed or to arrange delivery of this product to your site, contact us today. Our team are always happy to provide friendly, professional advice before you choose to make your purchase.

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